IRS Telephone Scam Warning

  •  Attention Tax Payers !

    It has been brought to our attention by some of our clients that there is a telephone scam currently going around. In the phone call an automated message is saying that the tax payer is being sued by the Internal Revenue Service and that a warrant will be issued for their arrest. The information given in the phone call is false and should be ignored. This is a phishing scam and they are trying to get confidential personal information from you. Please be aware that the IRS will ALWAYS contact you by mail initially. Correspondence from the IRS will always come in the mail at first. The only time an IRS agent will call you directly is when you have been notified by mail that an agent will be calling.  Again if you happen to receive this phone call please ignore it as the information presented within it is false. If you have any questions on this issue please feel free to contact us at the office.

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