2011 Tax Season

  • It’s that time again!

    It is the beginning of February so you know what that means…..That’s right tax season is in full swing! As with every year we are here at the ready waiting to service all of your tax needs. Whether that means taking care of your personal taxes, your business taxes, or everything in between.

    Personal Taxes

    Right about this time you should be receiving your tax forms from the various agencies you deal with throughout the year. The sooner you get those forms to us the better service we will be able to provide to you. We have associates here five days a week to accomodate your busy schedule whenever you need to contact us with questions or drop those forms off to us. As always we would love to see you in the office however with our busy season we just ask that you make an appointment to sit with anyone of us so that we can gaurantee we provide you with the time that you deserve. This also helps us find out what may have changed in your personal life that might affect your tax return in anyway. It is our goal to help you in anyway that we can so the more information and time that we have the more effective we can be.

    Business Taxes

    For those of you that operate your own businesses the same stands true. The earlier we can sit and meet with you the better handle we will have on your tax situation. Since the business profit or loss flows through onto your personal return it is most imperitive that we recieve your business information as soon as you have it ready. That way we have time before the filing deadlines to help you with your tax returns in anyway that we can. Again it is our goal to help you through the “stresses” of tax season and information and time are the best ways to do that.

    Getting Ready To See Us

    As previously stated we would always like to see you before we start work on your tax return. Whether that means setting up an appointment to meet with us or just stopping by to drop off information with a friendly hello. Sometimes a small conversation can answer alot of questions that we would of had later had we not been able to see you. We understand that some of our clients can’t make in to see us every year but we would still like to provide you the full service that you pay for. So if you feel like you need a sit down but can’t come in we would be happy to set aside time for meetings over the phone. A verbal discussion can explain alot more than email correspondence.

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